CLT14 Women’s Gold Clitoral Exciter Blue Orb


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“Erotic Jewelry in harmony with one’s body and desires.”

This Women’s labia spreading and clitoris stimulating roller ball g-string is simply exquisite. The hand cast and heavy gold plated (10 microns) hypoallergenic frame holds a smooth, solid blue hygienic acrylic “roller ball” that is positioned perfectly to provide wonderful sensations under your favorite outfit, or without anything at all. The frame gently spreads the labia so the clitoris can be exposed and protrude between the top of the roller ball and the frame for stimulation by the roller ball. It’s connected to a comfortable thong type elastic waist band, suitable for all day wear. A Silver frame option is also available at a slightly lower cost, see CLT15.

Available in sizes S (Waist 24-26″), M (Waist 26-29″), L (Waist 30-32″), XL (Waist 33-35″), XXL (Waist 35-43″), 3XL (Waist 43″-48″)

The smallest internal size (the backside) of the ring surrounding the clitoris is 1″ (25mm) wide x 1.25″ (31mm) in height.

All Sylvie Monthule designs are protected under international copyright law.


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XXXL, Large, Medium, Small, XL, XXL

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