Electro Sex

ElectroSex stimulation (aka ESTIM) is an incredible sexual enhancement tool involving the use of low voltage electronic signals.  When properly applied using conductive gel, these signals comfortably create muscle movement similar to a massage plus they stimulate the nerves in the sexual organs into arousal, erection, and intense pleasure followed by unstoppable mind splitting orgasms. We carry all of your electro sex toys for men and women. We carry a large selection of ESTIM products for safe play including gels and lubes, pads, adapters, tens units, dildos, parachutes, nipple clamps, and cock rings.

Electrosex Powerboxes/Tens Units


Electrosex Estim Gel

Electrosex Anal Dildos and Plugs

Electrosex Urethra Toys

Electrosex Cock Rings/Parachutes

Electrosex Nipple Clamps/Breast Cups