• Our primary product line is the many fine products of Rimba, a quality supplier of lingerie and erotic leatherwear from The Netherlands.  We are also proud to offer other fine products such as Sylvie Monthulé non-piercing erotic body jewelry and Kink Ink temporary tattoos.

    Our mission is simple, to provide quality products at reasonable prices with excellent customer service.

    Rimba is well known throughout Europe as a leading supplier of erotic lingerie, leatherwear, and BDSM gear from the Netherlands.  They were founded in 1971.  Rimba now supplies over 1400 shops in over 52 countries with their unique products.  Quality is the basis for Rimba’s success and it is ours too!

    We cannot place enough emphasis on the quality of Rimba’s products.  If you’ve ever purchased low quality faux leather items in the past, you’ll know what we mean.  We only offer quality made, Real Leather products.

    For those that want to know more about what we offer, besides flashy talk and propaganda, this is what Rimba quality means:

      1. Every leather garment is crafted with the finest leather available.  We’re not talking about leather from remote locations of the world, where dies containing lead and other banned tanning chemicals could have been used.  These can be both irritating to your skin, especially in sensitive areas, or decrease the life of the leather.  Rimba’s sources for leather have to pass regular inspections and the leather is tested often.
      2. Rimba’s products must meet European standards for Nickel.  Any metal that can touch your skin during normal wear contains no Nickel.
      3. Rimba’s leather production shop is at their main office in The Netherlands, to be sure their standards are met.  Not some far off location in Central Asia.
      4. If we describe a product as “soft”, then it’s the softest hand selected cowhide possible, not pig or goat leather being paraded as something more comfortable.  If we say it strong, then it’s heavy cowhide, and usually double thickness!  All undersides of any Rimba Real Leather item are always as soft as possible.  In the case of soft cow leather items, there is no easy way to describe the softness and feel!  It’s simply wonderful.  Blemishes and puckers are not hidden on the inside where they can be scratchy and irritating as well. Also, if we say an edge is folded and stitched, this has been done to greatly improve comfort and look by not leaving a rough edge that can bind and dig and simply look unfinished.
      5. Rimba’s products are meant to last a lifetime.  First, the Leather has to be of excellent quality as described above. Then the craftsmanship has to be excellent as well. Stitching, grommets, lace holes, rivets, and studs will not pull out after the first wear.  Rimba’s European leather craftsmen are among the best in the world.  The master craftsmen train their apprentices with exacting standards to maintain their craft.  Rimba is proud to employ their excellence.

    With our knowledge of Rimba’s products, it is with great confidence that we invite new customers to try Rimba!  It’s hard to offer guarantees due to the personal nature of the wide variety of Rimba products.  However, if you really don’t agree that the item you purchased is of equal or better quality than you expected from our description, then please call or e-mail us.  We’ll be happy to listen and accept a return if you’re truly not satisfied with the quality.

    Your satisfaction is very important to us!


    Your Rimba Store Team