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7272 Rectal balloon catheter with hose, enema tip nozzle, and pump (inflatable)


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Quality, medical grade balloon tip enema nozzle with hand pump for inflating balloon. Often called at Foley Catheter and can be used in place of a cone enema or cone irrigator. Sometimes used as a cecostomy device. Also called rectal balloon irrigator. The ultimate for creating that full feeling, or just to use as a great cleanout tool.

Not sure what to do with this? After inserting, use the hand pump to inflate the balloon around the shaft. This will create a blockage. Then, inject liquid (see item #786) through the shaft tube, filling the intestine for the unltimate in ‘feeling full.’ Upon deflating the balloon and removal of the shaft, be prepared for an incredible ‘voiding’ blast.

Recommended for serious ‘ass players’ only.


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