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7273 Urethra Sound Set (14 sizes) Complete With Case


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Perfect for urethra stretching.

Start small and try a larger size every few days until it’s ready for vibrators and more! A very unique sensation and experience. Top quality, highly polished, medical grade solid stainless steel flat end sounds. These are not low cost hollow sounds. These solid sounds hold their temperature much longer if heated or cooled. 14 sizes from 4 to 17 mm in diameter. Complete set in an attractive, professional looking leather case.

7 mm (0.28″) diameter is 80 mm (7.13 inches) long.

9 mm (0.35″) diameter is 90 mm (7.5 inches) long.

17 mm (.67″) diameter is 90 mm (7.5 inches) long.

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Weight 38 oz