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    ElectroSex stimulation (aka ESTIM) is an incredible sexual enhancement tool involving the use of low voltage electronic signals.  When properly applied using conductive gel, these signals comfortably create muscle movement similar to a massage plus they stimulate the nerves in the sexual organs into arousal, erection, and intense pleasure followed by unstoppable mind splitting orgasms. We carry all of your electro sex toys for men and women. We carry a large selection of ESTIM products for safe play including gels and lubes, pads, adapters, tens units, dildos, parachutes, nipple clamps, and cock rings.

    4 Channel Digital Electro Sex Powerbox Tens Unit

    4 channels, with independent power level control. Timer functions.  Large digital display.  Pre-programmed sensations.   Our most powerful unit!  AC or battery-powered, 100-240V adaptor plus nifty universal travel plug included. Uses 3 AAA batteries if desired (included).  4 wire leads for connection to 8 included pads, plus 2 large pads with lead wires. All of our electro toys work with this Rimba Powerbox TENS Unit!  We have a large selection of adaptors to connect with other manufacturer’s toys.

    Electro Sex Digital Powerbox Tens Unit

    This power unit is the most advanced Electro Sex therapy device ever introduced for the retail market. With 7 programs from which to choose, the user can experience slow soft electro sex stroking, massage, and even acupuncture. The  tens unit has 16 power levels to accommodate everyone from the first time electro sex user to the most intense electro sex users. Programs can be set to automatically cycle through all seven therapy modes or stay in one mode for a user programmed length of time. The digital LCD display on the hand held unit is easy to read and program.

    The tens unit has two bi-polar channels for connection to more than 20 available attachments! Each channel can individually power several sizes of metal and silicone vaginal and anal devices plus a variety of electro-sex skin pads, cock rings, breast cups, penis straps & sounds.

    Available in an attractive package. One side pictures a woman, the other side a man. Contains: one dual channel digital power unit with LCD display, 2 adhesive skin pad sets, 2 lead wires for connection to accessories, 3 AAA batteries, and complete manual.

    Electro Sex Manual Powerbox Tens Unit

    This electro sex powerbox set includes 2 channels, battery-powered, with control of pulse intensity & pulse frequency. 2 wire leads come with the unit to attach to the stimulator pads which adhear to the skin for fantastic contact. All of our electro toys work with this Rimba Powerbox Tens Unit! Includes: 1 Electro Sex Tens Unit, 1 9-volt battery, 2 sets of wires to plug into the powerbox, 4 adhesive contacts.